Clicks to your website are fueled by compelling content. As a full-service Canadian immigration law firm that generates its leads almost exclusively online, we understand the importance of establishing a strong web presence built upon the pillars of accessible information and interesting articles.
Every attorney looking to attract more online leads should enhance their websites with Google-friendly and reader-receptive content using these four simple tips:

1. Be a reliable information source.

Changes to legislation, especially in fields such as Canadian immigration law, can be confusing for potential clients. Use this to your firm’s advantage by providing your audience with a highly-informed legal perspective on these issues. Start a blog, create static articles about your services, or publish a glossary. This will give your firm a voice, establish your expertise, foster conversation among prospective clients and peers, and generate rich content for search engines. Scan the news for topics to write about, post regularly, and diffuse your articles through social media.

2. Include calls-to-action.

Placing a call-to-action about your firm at the conclusion of every article or having a submission form on your website will evoke responses and generate leads. Using urgent language and tying the relevance of your law firm’s services to your pages, news stories, and blogs will increase the effectiveness of this call-to-action, for example by stressing the need for temporary resident permits in an article about athletes who are criminally inadmissible to Canada. Do not overwhelm your audience with too many directives. Whether you are encouraging your audience to fill out a form or refer to a certain page on your website, be specific about what you want your audience to do.

3. Create infographics and visual resources.

Original infographics are excellent avenues for marketing your content, cultivating awareness about your law firm, and generating traffic and links back to your website. They allow difficult concepts to be transformed and reworked into simple, comprehensible, and visual information that people will refer back to. Infographics are easily shareable through social network sites such as and have the potential to reach millions of people and potential clients. Narrow your focus on specific topics and use engaging titles such as “Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada” to enhance their marketability.

4. Produce videos.

Videos may explain your law firm’s services more clearly than written descriptions and, when embedded on your page, can increase the time that users spend on your website. Keep videos short by clearly and briefly illustrating a specific service that your law firm offers and embed these onto landing pages and homepages to improve the quality and length of your audience’s visit. Websites like are excellent resources that cheaply provide professional, high-quality videos tailored to your law firm’s marketing strategies.
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