Most attorneys today understand the importance of online visibility, and the place social media has in their legal marketing efforts—they’re blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing and LinkingIn.

However, there are attorneys who engage on social media, but fly under the radar by keeping their profiles and communication set to private. This could maintain your client base a few years ago (barely), but in today’s social eCommerce world, this is a fatal marketing mistake.

Is your law firm hiding online? Here is why you can’t afford to keep a low social profile, and why your social networks need to be kept in the public eye.

Private Settings Open Doors To Your Competition

Keeping your social profiles set to private, or discouraging users to easily access your profiles, can adversely affect business development and send leads directly to your competition.

If potential clients can’t access your social pages without having to first sign up for your account or complete other tasks, they’ll likely move on to another law firm that is immediately accessible and more user-friendly.

Private Settings Are Not a Shield

Private settings are not intended as a way to shield bad content. If you’re unsure of the quality of content you’re providing, allowing users to read through your blog, tweets, and other posts can produce comments and feedback of where you’re doing great, and areas that might need improvement.

Exposing Your Firm Builds Trust

When users can publicly connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, this builds interest and trust in your firm. You’re showing users you’re not a guarded, unapproachable practice that’s only available to a select few.

Multiple Public Networks Can Increase Conversions

Multiple public networks provide users with multiple ways to find you online—and ways to share your profile(s) with others. Post links where you can, and let people know they can access your blog posts via RSS, Twitter, or Facebook; they can download your videos on YouTube, or check out your pictures on Instagram. This will increase your fan base, and help turn potential clients into real ones.

Public Online Visibility Boosts SEO

Increasing your online exposure through social media can help your firm’s ranking on search engines. By linking your public social accounts from your website (and vice versa), you boost SEO all the way around.

Plus, public social accounts can create traffic when promoted through email campaigns, press releases, even business cards.

For more information on how social media can catapult your legal marketing, check out our webinar, or simplyget a hold of us. We’re here to help!

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