The Facebook ‘like’ is the beginning of a relationship; a means but not an end.  Optimize your law firm’s Facebook page to keep your fans engaged, enhance your law firm’s online presence, and attract more clients by adhering to these guidelines:

Engage your audience

Facebook values quality content and places a premium on a healthy variety of videos, podcasts, informative articles, pictures, and infographics when possible. Simple text posts and links are the least-read and least-engaging among Facebook users.  Instead, ask questions on your page about news in your industry and how it affects your followers.

Take advantage of the Facebook’s new features by pinning or highlighting important posts at the top of your timeline so that they still receive attention while you continue to publish status updates.  This is especially useful for industries that experience constant changes to government legislation, such as Canadian immigration law.

Contests are Key

Contests can be leveraged to encourage more users to ‘like’ your page, enhance brand awareness as your promotion is shared to your followers’ social networks, and provide you with useful insight about your Facebook audience.  Be sure to use a third-party application on Facebook to facilitate contests in accordance with the website’s strict promotion guidelines. Sweepstakes are the easiest to set up and manage and prizes can be sourced by reaching out to professional organizations or businesses related to your practice, for example DUI immigration law can establish connections with Canada’s tourism industry for promotions.  Pin your contest information onto your timeline and promote it steadily to optimize the reach of your contest.

Brief is Better

Be concise when publishing your status updates, keeping your posts between 100 and 250 characters.  These statuses will be easier to read on mobile screens and catch the attention of your audience. Write your updates with action words as if you were writing a lead or headline and disclose at least one useful tip or something that your audience can take away from your post, for example a statistic.

Use Custom Tabs

Customizable tabs are the first thing Facebook visitors see on your fan page. They can also act as landing pages for your law firm. Applications such as Pagemodo are user-friendly and will help you to customize these tabs without requiring any technical skill. You will be able to divert more traffic to your website, convert your Facebook fans into clients using contact forms, and highlight the best that your law firm has to offer.

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