Lawyers are told to get on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to reach potential clients. However, after signing up for these sites, lawyers oftentimes have no idea what to do. Social media for lawyers may be unfamiliar territory.

Fortunately, enough lawyers have made mistakes on social media that others can learn from them. Here is a look at five common mistakes to avoid:

1. Checking in Once a Week.

Having a social media presence means much more than simply opening an account. Instead, you should regularly update your profile, write posts, and otherwise engage your audience. Having a social media account that is never maintained can cause more harm than good as clients may think that you are no longer active, sloppy, or simply don’t care.

2. Being Impersonal.

Lawyers need to realize that they are writing to the common man. Too often, lawyers will slide into legalese or otherwise write in a robotic, impersonal manner. Attorneys should write as if they were writing to their mothers or to someone they met at a bar. Adding a little personal touch can help you connect with clients.

3. Being Too Personal (TMI).

There is a thin line between adding a personal touch and offering way too much personal information. Even if you are trying to connect with clients, you should always present a level of professionalism. This can include avoiding inappropriate stories, immature photos, or crude jokes.

4. Posting for the Wrong Crowd.

If you open a social media account, you should always remember that your goal is to reach clients. It’s very easy for attorneys to get caught up in writing posts for “hits” or to go “viral” while ignoring their target demographic area. It’s important to be focused on your social media site.

5. Ignoring SEO.

Unfortunately, your best-written content may not be accessible to your coveted audience. Individuals search for specific keywords and topics on search engines. These search engines utilize complex formulas to bring users to your page. If you don’t create content in a way optimized for search engines, your content may not show up in search results.

To learn more about social media for lawyers and for help on avoiding any of these mistakes, contact us today.

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