With the growth of smartphones and tablets this day in age, it is impossible to continue to ignore the need for a mobile friendly website. Google recently stated that there will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015. They also mentioned that there will be more smartphones browsing the internet than an actual personal computer (PC) at this time.

Your Competition Will Succeed if You Don’t Have One.

Having a website that is not mobile friendly will not only frustrate and annoy your potential clients, but it will also sway them to your competition. In the last year alone, studies have shown mobile visitors to Law Firm specific websites have gone up 101% and are expected to rise an additional 10% in 2014 and over 25% by 2015.

Mobile Websites Are Easier to Use.

A mobile site will not only load faster than a desktop version but also formats itself to be considerably easier to read, more user friendly and can also offer a “Click-to-call” function. Click-to-call is when a potential client (or anyone trying to call your law firm) simply taps your phone number on their device and is immediately connected by phone to your law office.

Mobile Friendly Websites Rank Better.

Did you know that mobile friendly websites receive higher search engine rankings? If having a site optimized for mobile devices to improve your rankings isn’t enough of a reason, then we don’t know what is. Your clients are mobile, so why shouldn’t you be? They may not always be at their desk using their computer, but their mobile device is with them at all times giving them the ability to browse your site from the couch, the kitchen table, in bed or wherever else WiFi/cell coverage may be available.
It’s unwise to expect prospective clients to read tiny type on their smartphones, scroll side to side to finish reading a sentence, and search high and low for a telephone number. We create a mobile-friendly website to function alongside your existing website. For more information on mobile websites, visit here.

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