As with all web content, to maximize your Twitter visibility, your content needs to capture the attention of both readers and search engines.

Aligning your Twitter content with SEO will get you indexed and found on Twitter, but here’s the bonus—Twitter has a high Google search rank; so if you incorporate searchable keywords and keyword phrases into your tweets and hashtags, your content will be indexed on Google, too. This can act to kill two birds with one stone for optimum online visibility (no offense, Twitter).

Here are 4 easy ways to use SEO to boost your Twitter account.

Use Keywords For Tweets and Hashtags.

Don’t think in terms of content only, but rather the keywords people are searching for. If someone is looking for information on DUI defense in Miami, search phrases may include “defense for Miami DUI hit and run,” or hashtag #Miamiduidefense, etc. Use these keywords/phrases in your tweets and hashtags.

Hashtags are great to mark keywords and topics because they generate a lot of traffic; just 3 hashtags per tweet can give mass exposure that a personal tweet might not. However, don’t go over 3 hashtags per tweet—this becomes unreadable and can be considered spam.

Cross-Check Your Linking SEO Keywords.

Look at your content, and check that the keywords in your tweets compliment the keywords in the pages you’re linking to. For instance, if you wrote a blog titled Defense Strategies for Miami DUI Charges, include the phrase “Miami DUI defense strategies” in the body of your tweet, and an applicable hashtag or two.

Tweet at the Right Time.

With millions of tweets circulating daily, make sure that most of your tweets incorporate popular topics that are trending and generating buzz. You can use analytics tools such as Twitstant to help you find legal topics that has Tweeters reacting and responding; you can then post helpful advice on these threads and links to follow. This will boost traffic back to you.

SEO Your Profile.

Use keywords in your profile that will help you to be found by those looking for your legal services; Miami DUI defense lawyer, etc. And again, cross-check to see that the keywords used in your profile compliment your website’s keywords, and that of your blog.

Want more information on SEO, Twitter, or both? Contact us, and let us help optimize your legal marketing.

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