An Attorney Marketing Problem

Every week we encounter attorneys who have a very specific digital marketing problem: they have great websites that receive a decent amount of traffic, but their phones aren’t ringing and potential clients don’t seem to be emailing. For all intents and purposes, their sites should be converting search engine traffic into paying clients; however, business is stagnant and something needs to change.
Sound familiar? You might be surprised just how many websites have nice designs, slick features, and great content, but don’t convert visitors into solid inquiries or clients. This is one of the most confusing—and annoying—problems an attorney can face, as it seems to have no rational explanation. A site that looks nice, offers helpful advice, and can be found on search engines should make the phone ring, right? Not always.

Potential Reasons for Low Conversions

Though there are various reasons why this might be the case, the sheer amount of sites that online browsers view these days means that an eye-catching design may not have the same impact that it did several years ago. As attorneys have become more savvy about web marketing, the gradual build quality of lawyer sites has increased, and with it, the expectations of potential clients. How can attorneys separate themselves from the pack?

Suggestions for Improving Conversions on Lawyer Websites

Understanding what potential clients are looking for should be the most important facet of any attorney’s online and offline marketing. Once searchers find your website, if they aren’t immediately motivated to pick up the phone and call, you need to convince them to leave their name, phone number, and email address so you can get in touch with them instead.
Static website forms to gather this information can still play a major role, but adding an interactive, human element to your site will generally appeal to potential clients who are unsure whether you are the right lawyer for them.

The Human Factor

Your potential clients may be nervous and anxious about their situations. They may not want to immediately pick up the phone and call your office. Instead, they may prefer to speak with someone directly on your website. This is where live chat can set you apart from your competition.
By offering 24/7 monitoring of your site, complete with a friendly voice that potential clients can interact with, you immediately reassure them that you care about what they are going through (so much so that there is always someone for them to speak with, even in the middle of the night). The chat agents do not need to represent themselves as attorneys for this to be effective—nor should they—but the mere presence of a human being that can relay information to the attorney right away is comforting and provides a level of interactivity on your site that would otherwise be lacking.

Evidence of Success

At James Attorney Marketing, we use live chat on both of our primary websites and it brings in new inquiries and leads daily. Additionally, attorneys who have tried live chat themselves generally see an increase in their website conversions. The correlation is clear: adding more interactivity to your site in an effort to engage potential clients is effective.
If you are happy with your website, but believe it should be performing at a higher clip, interactive elements like live chat may be something that you want to experiment with in the future. Attorney marketing tactics change rapidly, and staying a step ahead of the competition is only going to become more important in the future.

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