Establishing high-quality inbound links to your website is not an easy process and requires persistence, a few resources, and specific strategies. Here are a few tips to help channel targeted traffic to your law firm website and to allow it to perform better on search engines through link building.

Internal Link-Building.

Link a few keywords in your articles to other related blog posts or web-pages from your site. This will improve the quality of your audience’s visit by keeping them engaged on your webpage for longer, which improves the potential for lead generation. For example, you could link a keyword from your blog post about a particular government program- to a page on your site that introduces a service you provide for it. This will bring your website a higher assisted conversion rate.

Guest Blog.

Find blogs that your firm can potentially write content for. Google’s blogsearch tool can be especially helpful for this purpose. Contact the blog-owner explaining that you would love to write a guest post for their sites in exchange for an inbound link. Anchor the link to a keyword or phrase that you want to rank well in search engines and also include a small blurb at the end of the article that mentions your firm, just in case readers want to seek your website out for more of your content.

Feature Others.

Write an article that features and links to the websites of interesting bloggers, or related professional organizations and events in your industry. Inform them about your article before you publish so that they are inclined to share the post with their social networks once it goes live. For example, because Canadian immigration law is also related to tourism, an article that lists Canada’s best festivals can link to and be shared by the festivals’ websites and social media accounts. Always be sure to incorporate a short byline about your law firm at the end of your articles, stressing the need for a related service that your law firm offers such as temporary resident permits.

Comment on Other Blogs.

Search for popular, influential blogs related to your law firm’s industry and leave a thoughtful comment in response when appropriate. Not only does this help the blogger by increasing the value of their post, it also builds brand awareness, gives your website greater referral traffic and may even lead to an opportunity to write a guest post for them in the future.
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