Twitter acts as a public forum for sharing ideas with others, and real-time updates about developments to your law firm specialty in a quick and concise fashion. Here is how to make the most out of your law firm’s Twitter account:

Follow and use industry hash-tags.

One of the best ways to keep track of developments in your law firm specialty is to monitor the hash-tags that your peers and similar organizations are using in order to contribute to the conversation. Your industry’s trending hash-tags will permit you to broadcast your message to your followers and everybody interested in that keyword or topic. For example, the realm of Canadian immigration law uses the hash-tag #cdnimm to track its news stories and tweets. Identify words that have the potential to go viral in your message and affix one or two of them with hash-tags. By doing this, you can attract traffic to your firm’s links, provide useful information and resources to your followers and to your industry’s Twitter community.

Be Responsive and engaging.

Twitter is not a numbers game and works most effectively as a marketing and communications tool when your followers retweet and respond to your posts. Thank those who promote your tweets and ask questions to your followers. Focus on what your audience wants to read and how they can benefit from your service. For example, you can ask a question and answer with a link: “Immigrating to Canada? Big legal terms got you down? Refer to our glossary of legal terms for assistance!

Tweet Regularly.

Being among the first to inform your followers about news in your specialty and valuable resources will improve your ability to interact with your audience, spark discussion, and drive traffic toward your other links. Spread your tweets throughout the day in intervals of at least thirty minutes and set aside interesting, time-insensitive material for later so that your followers can always rely on timely updates from your law firm. Use an application such as TweetDeck or HootSuite to schedule posts and save time. Look toward upcoming events, conferences, and holidays and see how you can incorporate these into your tweets, as they will be trending topics later on.

Promote and Mention Others.

Strike a balance between promoting yourself and highlighting information from other sources. Look to related professional organisations— for instance, DUI immigration law is also closely related to Canadian tourism—and retweet or recommend interesting information that your own followers may find useful. Steadily doing so will help you to nourish a strong audience for your tweets and attract more people to follow you back.
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