Attorneys may be reluctant to embrace social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp as part of their law firm marketing strategy.

Attorneys may believe that these sites are too difficult to maintain or fail to see the value of a social media presence.
However, being active on social media can positively impact your ranking on search engines like Google.

Here’s a look at four ways how social media can impact your Google ranking:

1. Increased Traffic.

You can increase your web traffic through sites like Facebook. A user may read something of interest or identify with a legal issue on your profile and click to your website. The more traffic you generate through social media, the higher your ranking will be on search engines.

2. Link Building.

A key component of search engine optimization is link building. Inbound linkage to your website through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites can make your website stand out and look more legitimate to search engines.

3. Activity.

Maintaining a social media presence will generally increase the overall activity on your website. There is typically a direct correlation between increased activity and a higher search engine ranking.

4. Search Engine Formula.

While the exact formula that search engines utilize to determine their rankings is not public information, it’s generally accepted that these search engines give special emphasis to social media activity. For example, a search engine like Google may give special weight to incoming traffic from Facebook or Twitter that may be beyond the benefits that keywording and other search engine optimization methods.

Maintaining a social media presence can take a lot of work. In addition, the impact that social media can have on your website traffic can be complicated. If you have any questions about law firm marketing through social media and use of search engine optimization, contact us.

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