Lawyers Social MediaThe big four to consider first are blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  If just getting started and you plan to handle your social media in-house, we recommend you begin with two and run with them for a few months before expanding further.
To help you compare the opportunities, here is a short list of pros and cons for each:
Blogging positives
— Readily delivers answers to reader questions
— Perfect for demonstrating your expertise
— Highly helpful with Google rankings
Blogging negatives
— Requires a lot of your time
— Your absence is readily apparent
— Does not alert you to opportunities for interaction with readers
— Does not connect readers with each other
— Not especially conducive to deepening relationships
Facebook positives
— Easy to communicate without distributing content
— Highly conducive to deepening relationships
— Regularly alerts you to opportunities for interaction
— Great at connecting readers
Facebook negatives
— Moderate time investment needed
— Large business/personal crossover
— So-so opportunities to demonstrate expertise
 LinkedIn positives
— Easy to use, short setup time
— Your absence will not be noticed
— No content need be distributed
— Easy place to demonstrate expertise
LinkedIn negatives
— Requires a moderate time investment
— Not the place to build rapport
Twitter positives
— Requires little time
— Good for sustaining client loyalty when problems occur
— Easy to introduce like-minded folks
Twitter negatives
— Hard forum in which to demonstrate your expertise
— Not conducive to deepening your relationships
We are strong believers in the power and reach of social media, so encourage you to begin soon and see for yourself what the business community has already learned – social media works.
Watch our blog and James Attorney Marketing’s Education Center for coming how-to’s and tips for implementing social media into your law firm’s marketing mix.
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