We’re very excited to unveil our latest product offering in our line of attorney digital marketing services: The Social-Local-Mobile (SLM) bundle package.
Attorney marketing is always changing and evolving. Techniques that worked two years ago, like building a website, adding content, and hoping to beat your competitors outright, are not as effective today as they once were. Law firms are gradually beginning to discover that there are other tools available, and the early adopters are going to have an edge moving forward.
Three of the newest trends that you need to be aware of and engage with if you want to be successful in any competitive region are social media, local search optimization, and mobile development. These three tactics are closely linked, which is why we created a package that would address all three needs for attorneys in a swift and comprehensive manner.
At first glance, it may be difficult to understand precisely why a lawyer would need to utilize these marketing avenues. However, by examining a hypothetical case study, we can easily discern why social, local, and mobile are important.
Let’s assume that I am driving down the street when my car gets hit by another vehicle that runs a stop sign. While I sit on the curb waiting for the police and tow truck to arrive, I decide to find a personal injury attorney who can help me. The James Attorney Marketing offices are located in Orange County, Calif., so I get out my smartphone and type “Orange County injury attorney” into Google. The results pop up, and I am provided with a list of links, and also a map of local injury attorneys in my area. Orange County is a big place, so I want someone close to where I live. I see that Attorney Larry Lawyer has an office close to me, as indicated by his map listing on Google+ Local.
I click over to his website, and a mobile version pops up. This mobile site is not complex like his main website; there are no tiny links that I can barely see, and I don’t need to scroll across pages of text that don’t interest me. The mobile site only contains basic information about the firm, like how I can get to the office, what services Larry Lawyer provides, and a link I can click to call him. Before I call, I head to Facebook to see if any of my friends have worked with Larry before, and what rating they gave his business. Using Facebook Graph Search, I see that two of my friends on Facebook have worked with Larry, and both of them were very happy with the results. I decide to call Larry and set up an appointment to see if I might have a claim.
All of this literally takes only a few minutes. In that span of time, I decide whether or not to go with Attorney Larry Lawyer, or move to the next attorney on the list. If Larry had not been listed on the Google+ Local map system, I would not have seen him at all. Had he not presented me with an attractive and easy to use mobile site, I would have departed to look for a site that was more pleasing. If he was not on Facebook and I couldn’t verify results with my list of friends, I would be unsure of his abilities and gone back to searching.
This is how people use the Internet these days. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and just about everything is becoming hyper-localized. Mobile websites and local mapping services like Google+ Local contribute to this trend, and social networks like Facebook, with over 1 billion monthly active members, provide a vast wealth of resources for the potential legal claimant looking to find a reputable law firm. Social media searches are going to become ever more popular. Would you rather sign up for a service that your friends had recommended, or one that you find randomly online? That’s the power of social media: tapping into networks of people via connections, and this works seamlessly with local and mobile applications.
For this reason, we decided to create our Social-Local-Mobile package for forward-thinking attorneys. If you want to play ball online, you absolutely need to be using the techniques I just described. None of this is going away any time soon, and it will only become more prevalent in the next several years. Getting on board now will save you heartbreak later when you realize that your competition has already boarded the boat and left you behind.
With our SLM package, we first create a mobile website to accompany your main site. We create a Google+ Local profile for you, along with a rich “authorship” snippet, to get you engaged with Google’s geocentric system. We then optimize your listing monthly by creating profiles on other business sites so Google can verify your information. The more times the system can confirm your business name, phone number, et cetera, the more highly your Google+ Local profile will be valued, and the higher you will typically appear on their map. To top it all off, we create Facebook and Twitter accounts to get you started with social media. We’ll post relevant things to your accounts, engage with your followers, place social media buttons on your website, and more. This package is extremely comprehensive.
We feel our Social-Local-Mobile package is a fantastic value and one that will help attorneys immensely, especially as networks like Facebook and Google+ Local continue to increase in importance for all types of marketing.
For more information on our new Social-Local-Mobile Bundle Package, please contact Mike Margol at (714) 434-5927 or hello@JamesAttorneyMarketing.com.
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