Social media marketing is important for any law firm to thrive in our modern, digital world. The benefits include strengthening your brand, translating “likes” into sales and much more. At first it might be hard to expect immediate sales from social media, but growing your online presence will let more people know about your company. Here are some basic tips to help you get started with using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites.

1. Find your own voice.

Your social media accounts should reflect you and your company. Show your personality, and use social media as an extension of who you are. You want to act like you’re directly speaking with a customer face to face, but on social media. It’s a digital conversation and you do not want to sound like a machine, but rather cultivate relationships that lead to sales.

2. Don’t promote too aggressively.

Talking about your law firm and what you do should only be microscopic on social media. In general, the majority of companies use this rule:

  • 70% should be about sharing useful information with your clients
  • 20% should be about responding to your client’s inquiries such as answering questions or reposting/retweeting posts
  • 10% should be about special offers and promoting your services, etc.

If you over-promote your company on social media, you run the risk of fans unfollowing you.

3. Schedule new posts consistently.

When you have fans that “like” or follow your social media accounts, you want to update them frequently. Begin with 1-2 posts per week, and once you get into the groove of things you can post more often. You also want to make sure that you post fresh content every time. If you do not post consistently, you run the risk of your social media accounts becoming archaic, which could sink your credibility and the public image of your business.

4. Image is everything.

Attach photos to your posts whenever you can on all social media accounts. One study done by the internet marketing company HubSpot, proved that Facebook posts with images receive 53 percent more “likes” than posts that only include text or links. Another astounding fact they found was that image posts attracted 104 percent more comments than posts that only included text or links. By adding images related to your post, it will certainly boost more click-throughs to your website, and that is ultimately the goal of any law firm.

5. Seek out influential people in your industry.

If you’re still unsure about social media marketing, research what others in your industry or niche market are doing. You will be able to see how they are maintaining their social media accounts and also give you ideas. You can also join LinkedIn groups that are tailored to your industry. These groups will often share advice and common knowledge about social media, marketing and everyday business.
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