Your law firm website may be the first and last thing that a potential client sees. As a result, it is very important to make your website effective at selling you. It is not enough to simply put up a website.

Instead, you should ask yourself whether you would hire someone with a website like yours. Fortunately, many law firm websites can be greatly improved by a few simple fixes. Here is a look at five ideas to make your law firm website more effective:

1. Clean It Up.

Perhaps the most common problem with attorney websites is the desire to put in anything and everything. For example, there may be pop-up ads, videos, pictures, and multiple frames of pure text. Sometimes less is more. You don’t need to include every shiny new feature on every page of your website. Potential clients will appreciate a crisp and clean site.

2. Keep It Up to Date.

If the year is 2013, your “recent” cases and notable trials should not be from 2008. You should develop a habit of updating and maintaining your website several times a year. For example, you can update your accomplishments as well as practice areas. A blog may be an effective way to keep your website up to date while also generating new content.

3. Dump Stock Photos.

Give your website a personal touch. Potential clients want to feel a connection to their attorney. Consider adding photos of yourself and your staff. Hiring a professional photographer may be a worthwhile investment.

4. Embrace Social Media.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp are not going anywhere. If anything, these sites are playing a bigger role in determining search rankings. You can include links to your social media sites on your website. More importantly, you should link to your site through social media thereby driving traffic and your rankings.

5. Be Accessible.

Make sure your contact information is prominent. A potential client should know how to reach you on any page of your website. You should include both a phone number and a physical address. Too many attorneys bury their contact information making it difficult for clients to call. If it’s too hard to find you, a potential client will simply move on.

If you have any questions about creating a website or improving an existing site, contact us to discuss your marketing goals.

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