A blog is a powerful tool to have on your law firm website. With a blog, you can create engaging content to connect with potential clients. In addition, you can add content to your site that helps with search engine optimization.

However, blogging may not be for everyone. It takes a lot of work and it can take time to find your voice. Here are five things you should ask yourself before starting a blog for your law firm website:

1. What’s Your Niche?

You need to focus your writing on a specific legal area. Typically, you will want to blog about your practice areas. Try to think about what your potential clients will want to read and address those topics.

2. Can You Write?

Legal blog writing is very different from legal writing. You are writing to the lay audience and you will need to adjust your writing accordingly. Some tips to keep in mind are to avoid legalese and to keep your sentences short and punchy.

3. Do You Understand SEO?

To get the most out of your law firm blog, you will want to incorporate some search engine optimization techniques. SEO is not prohibitively difficult. But you will need to devote some time to it.

4. How Much Time Do You Have?

Regular updates to your blog are important. In other words, it is not enough to simply start a blog and write a post once a month. Instead, you should post several times a week. Ask yourself if you have the time and energy to devote to maintaining the blog.

5. Are You Motivated?

The main key to success for your blog may be motivation. Attorneys are busy and you will need motivation to find the time to develop your writing style and to learn SEO. Without motivation, it can be difficult to create a successful law blog.

If you have any questions about starting a blog on your law firm website, contact the legal marketing team at James Attorney Marketing to learn how we can help you.

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