Many attorneys have turned to blogging as a form of marketing and reaching out to potential clients. However, not all attorney blogs are created equal.  In fact, an improperly executed attorney blog can have the opposite effect and drive away clients.

Here’s a look at five common mistakes that attorneys make with their blogs:

1. Bad English.

The words you write on your attorney blog may be the first experience that a potential client has with you. If you are sloppy and have many spelling and grammatical errors, a client may assume that you will be sloppy handling their legal matters too. If you have a blog on your website, make sure you take the time to carefully review the posts and ensure that they reflect your law firm.

2. Legalese.

The flip side of bad English may be Legalese. This is basically the language that lawyers turn to when trying too hard to speak smartly or when having a conversation with another experienced attorney. Attorneys should realize that 99% of their audience does not have a law degree and does not understand what terms like “res judicata” mean.

3. Making False Promises.

You should never make bold proclamations or offer promises through your attorney blog. If you say you offer “free consultations,” you better make sure you offer them. Additionally, any guarantees of victory or other success may came back to haunt you when a judge makes an unfavorable ruling. Instead of making promises and guarantees, you should explain to your audience how you can help and the services that you offer.

4. Breaching Confidences.

Many attorneys turn to their attorney blogs to announce recent successes. However, you should make sure to redact any identifying information. In the alternative, you should get permission from the parties involved.

5. Get SEO Happy.

Lawyers are generally not search engine optimization experts. As a result, lawyers often go overboard on SEO when they launch their attorney blog. In the process, lawyers may fill their blogs with “keywords” but offer little substantive content. Most search engines flag such posts and leave you off search results.

A properly maintained attorney blog is a great way to reach potential clients. You just have to make sure to avoid some of the many mistakes attorneys make. To learn more about Internet marketing and attorney blogs, contact us to discuss your marketing goals.

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