Lawyers are not web designers. In fact, lawyers may be some of the least technically savvy individuals around. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from creating a great lawyer website.

Before jumping into keywords and search engine optimization, you will need to know some basic steps to creating a lawyer website:

1. Clean It Up. You will want to pick colors and a layout that are visually appealing. The difficult job of creating a great attorney website is balancing informative content, while avoiding clutter and information overload. Pictures, images, and videos are good, but too many may be distracting.

2. Smile. Potential clients want to know what their attorney looks like. Have a headshot on your website. While the headshot does not need to be a shot of you in a courtroom, it should convey the professional image you want to present.

3. Tell Me About Yourself. Don’t treat your bio as an afterthought. Potential clients will learn more about you (and find more reasons to hire you) based on the information you provide in your bio. You should cover the basics like your practice areas, experience, and schooling. In addition, you may want to add personal information like your hobbies and family life.

4. Blog. A blog is a great feature to have on your website. You can create content that directly appeals to potential clients on a regular basis. You can also let clients know that you are current and up to date on the happenings in your practice area. Finally, a blog is a great way tool for search engine optimization.

5. Search Engine Optimize. Once you have the basics of a lawyer website down, you can begin search engine optimization. This should start with creating informative and rich content. In addition, this will include having relevant keywords and phrases. Finally, you will need to keep your website fresh (such as with blogging).

It is a big commitment to create a great lawyer website. As your website may be the first contact you have with potential clients, it is an investment worth making. Contact us to learn more about lawyer websites and attorney online marketing.

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