You created a law firm website, but the clients haven’t been pouring in. You may be considering throwing in the towel and abandoning your site. But before you do, you should review some simple fixes that could improve your site and help you connect with potential clients. Five areas for improvement include:

1. Tone It Down.

Too many attorney websites are overloaded with words, links, images, frames, and information. More is not always better. Potential clients may be turned off or intimidated by the amount of content on your website. While your website does not need to be sleek and bare-boned like an Apple store, it shouldn’t be cluttered like a Dollar Store either.

2. Add a Blog.

Blogging is a great way to regularly update your website and increase your visibility through search engine optimization methods. In addition, blogging is an ideal way to directly address potential clients by speaking to their concerns and commenting on current issues.

3. Be Prominent.

You should not be shy in selling yourself. A potential client shouldn’t have to scroll to the very bottom of your page or click various links to get to a phone number or address. Instead, your contact information should be prominent on every page. Along with your contact information, you should also not be shy with your qualification such as your education, experience, and other qualities.

4. Update It.

If you created your website ten years ago or even one year ago, you should consider updating it. The look and feel of websites rapidly evolves and a site you loved one year ago may look completely dated today. Try to take an objective look. Or recruit a friend or family member to provide an unbiased opinion.

5. Smile.

If your photo is not on your website, you should strongly consider adding it. Potential clients want to feel comfortable working with their attorney and adding your photo can help build a connection.

It takes a lot of work and trial-and-error to create a great attorney website. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you build the law firm website that you want. If you need any help with your website, contact us to learn how we may assist you.

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