Do you have a LinkedIn page for your law firm? You should. Linkedin is a powerful aid in helping your law firm get recognized amongst a sea of competition. Here are three invaluable tips for growing your law firm using LinkedIn.

1. Build Credibility.

You want people to know that you are a legitimate law firm. People that require your services need to be assured you know what you’re talking about– inside the courtroom and on social media. There are plenty of ways you can do this:

  • Post engaging updates that generate conversations with plenty of people.
  • Join groups that are tailored to your industry, that way you can engage in discussions and create/manage your own.
  • Encourage your employees to use Linkedin and follow your company page.
  • Invite personal connections to follow your law firm on LinkedIn, because many of them can introduce you to business influencers and refer new clients to you.
  • Showcase your services and specialties.

2. Generate leads.

What is the expected outcome for using LinkedIn and other social media networks over time? It most likely is to turn leads into sales. One way to reel in future clients is to offer exclusive free deals for LinkedIn members, and then ask them for recommendations. You should create an ideal marketing promotion for whatever it is you’re trying to sell. Develop free consultations, demos or reports. There are endless ideas for any law firm, and depending on your specialty, you can indulge in a little creativity.

3. Learn about the competition.

The best thing to do is to learn by example. Are you not feeling inspired, or can’t think of any interesting news to update your page with? Get out of this slump by seeing what your competitors are doing, or just browse company pages to see how they are performing. Do they have a lot of engagement? Does their company page look cohesive with their philosophies or ideas? Once you observe their strategies, brainstorm and implement your own ideas for your company page.
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