An infographic (short for information graphic) blends design with data to communicate complex information concisely. It visually organizes information for the purposes of accessibility, simplicity and marketability. Learn why integrating visual content into your marketing strategy is indispensable to your law firm’s online success.

1. Visual is Valuable

Visual content is the cornerstone of online marketing. Not only does the brain process visual content much faster than text, people respond better to visual information and retain it more easily. Infographics will increase the time that people spend on your website, enhance targeted user engagement with your website and content, and improve the quality and quantity of your referral traffic.

2. Simplify Complicated Concepts

If designed correctly, infographics will have a logical flow that conveys very valuable information to your audience. It will also incite them to share it or refer back to your website for your services. ‘How-To’ infographics, for example those that explain an application process or procedure such as Spousal Sponsorship are better-positioned to help you market that particular service. When designing your infographic, be sure to use large headlines, readable fonts, simple language, and a design and colour scheme that highlight the most important information that you want to convey.

3. Infographics are Shareable.

Infographics will attract more inbound links back to your attorney website because they are easily embeddable and shareable. Narrow your focus on a specific topic, include interesting statistics, and use engaging titles and subheadings such as “Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada” to enhance the marketability of your graphic. Embed it on a page or press release with keywords that address the concept it explains. Increase your infographic’s exposure by periodically tweeting different facts about it and by sharing it directly with bloggers and communities who may benefit from the data that it conveys. Finally, upload it to sites such as, Tumblr and Pinterest. They each have millions of users and are excellent outlets for helping visual content go viral.

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