LinkedIn is the ultimate place for law firms, industry professionals, fans, and prospective clients to connect.  A LinkedIn Company Page can showcase a law firm’s services and attract loyal followers, but only if marketed correctly. Employ these 10 tips to make the most of your law firm’s marketing endeavors on LinkedIn.

 Fill in every section.

For instance, the Services tab is a great place to tell readers about your law firm’s offerings and differentiators.

A cover photo is worth 1,000 words

When followers visit a LinkedIn company page, the cover image is the first thing in front of their eyes.  Be sure to feature an engaging, high resolution image that expresses your law firm’s brand so readers want to keep scrolling down the page.  Changing photos regularly can also reinvigorate your law firm’s marketing material and keep followers interested.

Keep followers in the loop.

Posts and photos highlighting company campaigns, industry and community events, and prestigious awards can keep followers informed and invested in your brand.

Don’t forget that it’s not just about you.

This may seem contradictory after reading the tip above, but it isn’t.  Your law firm’s marketing strategy should focus on promoting your brand while also providing material that readers find enticing and relevant.

Analyze afterward.

LinkedIn Company Pages come equipped with a feature that analyzes the level of audience engagement with each post according to the number of “impressions” and “interactions”.  Studying which posts receive the highest amounts of engagement can help you tailor your law firm’s marketing strategy to meet viewers’ interests.

Display raving fans.

Ask for recommendations or testimonials from supremely satisfied clients. If they’ve had a fantastic experience then they probably won’t mind lending a few sentences (or even just their name) to your page, and their words just may convince viewers to give your law firm a chance.

Encourage liking and sharing

The beauty of LinkedIn posts is their ability to spread to not only your law firm’s network of followers, but their countless acquaintances, friends, and colleagues as well.  Encourage followers to like and share posts to increase your firm’s reach.

Respond to comments.

Viewers who take the time to leave comments (positive or negative) on your page deserve a response.

Route followers to your company page.

From blogs to e-newsletters, make sure that your law firm’s marketing materials include links to your Company Page in order to promote viewership.

Consult professionals.

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