We write a lot of content for lawyer websites around the nation. Below we share some tips that will help you or your writers do a better job with your website content.


1. Clearly answer questions.

When thinking about topics, you want to begin with answers to questions commonly asked by your clients. Your answers should be written in plain English and directly respond to those questions.

2. Be concise.

You are better off writing several short, rifle-shot articles than one long shotgun piece. Why? You need only 400 words to obtain maximum search engine benefits. Three 400-word pieces can feature three different search phrases, while one 1200-word article is limited to one or two.

3. Focus.

Your website should only address personal injury topics. Maybe you also do some Social Security disability work. If so, place that content on a site dedicated to disability. Why? Prospective clients prefer attorneys who specialize.

4. Quantity counts.

If you have an article directly addressing your prospect’s fact pattern, you are more likely to be contacted because the prospective client will (a) find your article on Google and (b) figure you have expertise with his or her issues. So cover a lot of factual situations.

5. Educate.

Save the salesmanship for the office visit. Your web content should demonstrate your expertise by teaching prospects what they need to be smart and helpful clients. If you provide educational details not found elsewhere, you will distinguish yourself from the competition.

Don’t Have Time To Write?

Quality legal content, properly keyworded, is one of James Attorney Marketing’s specialties. Our in-house team of salaried editors does all the drafting, tailoring our book content when it is suitable and custom writing when it is not. We use no overseas, freelance, or hourly writers to fulfill our content contracts.
The articles and blogs we provide under our contracts are non-duplicate content – meaning the same writing will not appear on any other attorney’s website. You obtain full Google benefit from our pieces.
And just like our law books, our high-quality web content is also the least expensive.
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