We talk to a lot of lawyers about their websites, results, and providers. One of the most common complaints we hear is that some attorney website vendors are inflexible and hard to deal with after the contract is signed.
We’re sure that some of these complaints arise from the large size of several of the legal marketing vendors. Sometimes employing many people reduces accountability and creates policies that make it difficult to say “yes” often … whether it is to accommodate special requests, customize product offerings, promptly make website changes, rectify shortcomings, or let customers cancel early.
We have also seen that larger vendors tend to charge more … sometimes 2-3x more. But the purpose of this letter is not to pick on the big guys. In keeping with the educational goal of our email series, we offer these questions to ask digital-marketing vendors you are considering employing:

Questions You Should Ask

1. Are you the individual I will be dealing with after I sign a contract? Or is your job selling and only selling?
2. What happens if our new relationship is not working? Can I cancel this contract prior to the end of its term? Under what circumstances?
3. What is your typical response to a customer complaint of unsatisfactory performance? Do you halt your monthly billing while you seek to solve the problem? Or does the monthly billing continue unabated?
4. If I sign up for a website, how long does it take you to make requested changes to my website after its launch? More than 1-2 days?
5. How often will you be adding content to my website?
6. If I sign up for search engine optimization (SEO) services, what will you do if my website does not appear on Google page one for the agreed-upon search phrases after you have had several months to perform? Do I get to speak directly with the optimizers or their supervisors?
7. If I sign up for article writing, what happens if I am not happy with the content you produce? Do I get to speak directly with the content writers or their supervisors?

If You Are Unhappy

If your current relationship is less than satisfactory, consider talking to us. A healthy percentage of our digital marketing customers transferred to James from other vendors.
In addition to charging less for our attorney website services, we usually can offer more (1) flexibility in our arrangements, (2) direct contact with front line developers and optimizers, (3) prompt and larger efforts to fix any problems that arise, and (4) immediate cancellation if the relationship is not working.

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