Where Do You Start?

When it comes to marketing your law firm, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. You are most likely constantly inundated with flyers and e-mails all claiming the newest, best, fastest marketing ideas out there. Bigger websites, more Google AdWords, more pay-per-click ads, more radio, more… sticking your photo on park benches? You name it, somebody is trying to sell it! While the idea of broadcasting yourself and the firm all over the internet, the local TV channels, radios, and maybe even billboards is certainly appealing, many of these ventures can also be incredibly expensive, and to be realistic, not an option.  There are other options. One of our favorites, an option low on up-front cost and maintenance cost, is the newsletter.

Why a Newsletter?

When you’re marketing your law firm, there are a number of things you want to convey: a) your existence, b) your knowledge, and c) your success (the more current and quickly you can keep doing this, the better). The newsletter allows you to convey all of these things simply, effectively, and at a low cost. With a snazzy design that can even match your website if you have one, some expert-written articles, an introduction to your firm and any of your recent news, you cover all your bases in one easy step.

Who Do You Start With?

As a successful law firm, one of your most valuable resources for marketing is already within your grasp: your past clients. Past clients have worked with you, may need to work with you again, and more than anything: can hand off your newsletter or press “Forward” on a handy email version to share with friends who may just so happen to be looking for an attorney. Almost nothing beats word of mouth advertising. Sharing newsletters is a piece of cake. Whether you opt to email or send them out in the mail, both options make it extremely easy to remind past clients you can still help them if they need you again, or that you can help their friends.

What Does it Do?

A newsletter does everything you need to for marketing your law firm. It gives you an opportunity to convey your knowledge. High quality articles that are lay-reader friendly do this with a quick glance from your audience (even if the articles don’t actually get read). You can promote all recent successes in a flash. That front page is the perfect place to display the latest case you won. It’s also a fantastic display area for your client testimonials. And finally, take that back page to write a quick note to your clients to show a little of your personal side that extends a gesture of “I’ll help however I can.”

Is it For You?

If you’re searching for a new way to market, a way that’s inexpensive and effective from all marketing angles, I highly suggest you give newsletters a shot. Whether you opt for monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly, the options are limitless. If you want us to put one together for you, just give us a call and 30 days and we’ll have a custom designed and custom written newsletter specific to your practice area delivered to your inbox or your mailbox!

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