Prospective clients who search for injury lawyers on the web frequently look at several sites before deciding which attorney to contact.  How does your website compare?

Does it:

  • Have a reasonably-modern design, or does it instead look like it was created ages ago?
  • Answer common client questions on the home page, or does the home page mistakenly focus on you?
  • Use videos to teach non-readers?
  • Have a case submission form and prominent 800 number?
  • Most important, demonstrate your deep knowledge of injurylawand procedure with detailed articles?

Like lobby furniture, websites periodically need new skins added to maintain a fresh look.
While you are adding that new skin, critically examine the content your site contains.  Is its quality consistent with your expertise level?  If not, how will prospective clients know that you are better than your website indicates?
Prospective injury clients have no more information to judge you than you give them on your website.  If all you have provided are three pages claiming you are good at what you do, don’t expect to land a lot of conscientious clients.  The proactive, engaged clients are more likely to contact the attorney with the content-rich site that answers their pre-engagement questions.

Want help?

You know from using our books that James Attorney Marketing has much practical and reasonably-priced legal content available.  If you want us to tailor some of it for your website, we can add articles to your injury site for $55 each and blog posts for $35 each.  Our writing is yours to keep.  And we can simultaneously modernize the appearance of your site and correct its architecture issues for $500.
If you want to learn more about an injury content and site redo, call Travis Hise at 714-918-1848.

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