Most lawyers we speak with understand that they need to stay top of mind with prospective referral sources, and that they should communicate regularly with these prospective referrers.
But not every lawyer is clear on who is likely to be a prospective referrer.  Whatever communication method you choose, who should you try to stay in touch with to maximize your referrals?

Make Regular Contact With:

  1. Your current clients.
  2. Your former clients.
  3. Anybody who has previously requested information from you.
  4. Business service providers: accountant, banker, broker, commercial realtor, office neighbors, etc.
  5. Personal service providers: barber/hairstylist, dentist, doctor, residential realtor, etc.
  6. Referral sources: anyone who has provided a referral or is likely to give you a referral.
  7. Local media: bloggers, broadcasters, magazines, and newspapers.

How To Stay In Touch

The easiest way to keep your name in front of so many different prospective referral sources is with helpful information that you push out on a regular basis.  This information can take the form of a client advisory, news flash, newsletter, or letter.  The format is less important than (a) the outward push and (b) the content.

  1. OUTWARD PUSH.  Blogs are great for generating content enticing to search engines, but lousy for making sure your referral sources remember you.  You need something that falls into their laps … something that many recipients will glance at for value before discarding.  Mailed hard copies are best for this purpose, but can be expensive if you have a large distribution list.  Email distribution is virtually free, but open rates can be low.  Combining the two (print to high-value referrers and email to others) can be a good compromise.
  2. CONTENT.  How-to, answers to common questions, explanations of the legal process, and what makes a good case will receive high readership from people in need of your services.  That type of information will also help minimize unsuitable calls.

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