Wise law practice marketing people are always experimenting. Why? Successful marketing channels get crowded, consumers tire of seeing the same promotions, and innovative entrepreneurs continually provide new opportunities to reach consumers.
Below are four law practice marketing techniques that we recommend you experiment with. You don’t need an outside vendor for most of them; three of the four can be handled in-house. And you don’t need to spend four figures; several hundred dollars should be plenty to tell you whether a technique will work for your practice.

1. Pay-Per-Click Ads.

If you haven’t done so already, you will want to test both Google and Facebook ads. Run two different ads simultaneously, and keep trying to beat the best-performing ad. You will find that small wording differences can make a big difference. Using a landing page containing a case submission form, 800 number, and minimal text will bring better results than linking the ads to your law firm’s website.

2. Referral Reminders.

You should be continually gathering names and contact information of potential referral sources. Current clients, past clients, office neighbors, vendors … anyone who knows you is a candidate. Stay in regular contact with this group. You can send them letters, legal alerts, newsletters, post cards, etc. What is most important is staying top of mind. When a referral opportunity arises, you want to be the lawyer who is suggested.

3. Google Local.

Google devotes a meaningful amount of page space to their local listings. If your region does not have strong web competition, you may be able to obtain good Google Local position simply by taking a few minutes to register your firm. However, if your specialty and city are competitive, more will be required. Optimizing for Google Local is different than optimizing for Google organic. For Local, you want to be consistently listed in a lot of directories. For organic, you want keyworded content and inbound links.

4. Live Chat.

Many marketers have found that add a live chat box to their websites increases the number of leads they receive and convert. Your staff can handle the inquiries, or professional responders can do the screening 24/7.
If you don’t have the time or expertise to run a few new law practice marketing experiments, we can help. To hear what we recommend for your particular situation, contact Jason Taly at 714-755-5468 or Mike Margol at 714-434-5927.

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