Two major shifts are affecting lawyers’ marketing results. Embracing these trends will improve your results while ignoring them will cost you clients.

Trend one: mobile search

Mobile use is expected to surpass desktop use in 2014, as mobile sales increase while PC sales fall. And mobile searches are action-oriented. 60% of shoppers with smartphones search for a product or service on their mobile device before buying. 90% of these searches resulted in an action such as visiting a business or purchasing a product.
With your mobile site…
Remember that mobile users are on the go and do not have the same goals as those sitting behind a desktop computer. Thus:

  1. Users should be able to read the page without having to zoom in or scroll up or down.
  2. The location of your call to action is critical to obtaining a good conversion rate.
  3. The content must be simple, quick to load, and easily navigated.

Trend two: social referrals

The common and long-standing practice of asking friends, family, and colleagues for referrals is rapidly migrating to social networks. As is the case with so many tasks, obtaining referrals online is faster, easier, and more comprehensive.
With your social media profiles…

  1. Make sure your social profiles are complete.
  2. Regularly post updates.
  3. Engage with your most active supporters.
  4. Track your results in Google Analytics.

Free mobile site with social media signup

These two major trends mean your firm should have both a mobile and a social presence. You need: (1) a simple, easy-to-read mobile website and (2) strong and active profiles on the major social networks.
We can help. We will create a mobile site for your law firm at no charge if you sign up for our $149/month social media service.
With our social media service, we will create profiles for you on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Yelp, and then will enhance them every month. In addition, we will integrate your Google+ profile so that a rich snippet with your picture shows whenever a Google search delivers your website.
This enhanced Google listing will make you stand out from your competition. And your active social media profiles will be highly persuasive to socially-savvy searchers.
If you want to learn more and have us to send you examples of profiles we have created for lawyers, contact Mike Margol at 714-434-5927.

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