You already know that you must regularly add content to your website to maintain and improve its Google page position. Here is an easy way to maximize the attorney search engine optimization effectiveness of the articles you write.

First, the big picture

You should try to add a 300-word or longer article every two weeks – more frequently if you are in a competitive locale or are making the web a key part of your marketing program, and less often if you draw clients from small towns or rely more heavily on other client sources than on the web.
Your content should be primarily educational and secondarily sales-oriented, much like this email. Your topics should be the ones you want to draw clients from, but don’t lock in your topic choices until you examine keyword popularity, which I explain immediately below.

Keywording made simple

1. Phrase Popularity.

Go to GoogleKeywordTool. Click Google Keyword Tool. Type in a target phrase, e.g., “disability lawyer,” omitting your city for now. You will see the number of monthly Google searches, which in this case is about 33,000. Highlight or note the phrases you are interested in and their search counts.

2. Strength of Competition.

Perform some Google searches using those phrases and the names of the primary cities you cover (e.g. “Sacramento disability lawyer”). Evaluate the strength of the websites that appear on Google page one. If you think your site can beat the competition for that search phrase, place it on your target list. If not, aim at synonyms with lower search volume (e.g., Sacramento Social Security disability lawyer).
Clues: if you see some national directories on page one for your targeted search phrase, you should be able to move your website ahead of those directories. If on the other hand all the websites on page one are professionally created and contain a lot of content, you will likely have a hard time pushing those sites aside on your own.

3. Drafting Technique.

Write one article for each chosen search phrase, placing the target phrase in your headline, in the first or second sentence of the article, and again in the last or second-to-last sentence of the article.

We work differently, but…

More sophisticated keyword research tools are available, and we have access to and experience with them. We also take several additional steps that increase content effectiveness, but the simplified approach above will obtain the lion’s share of the search benefits of article-writing … especially if the websites in your geographic region are not overly competitive.
If you (1) don’t have time to write your own content, (2) prefer to let attorney search engine optimization and legal content experts worry about your website’s page position on Google, or (3) face sophisticated and entrenched web competition, we are available to help.

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