As Google continues to refine its search algorithm, it is becoming more important for attorney search engine optimization to build a natural link profile for your website.   A link profile consists of the:
(a) types of links (directories, forums, press releases, blog posts, etc.)
(b) anchor text used (the words which make up the link)
(c) time period over which these links were acquired

a. Link types

1. The best way to create links from directories Google considers good is to reach out to partners, vendors, trade associations, local Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureau,, etc.
2. Do this by sending press releases with links to your website.   Use your personal name or the web address as the anchor text of these links rather than the keywords you want to target.  Why?  See #3 below.

b. Anchor text

3.  When the anchor text for nearly all of your links is limited to a few high-demand keywords (e.g., Milwaukee disability lawyer), your link profile shouts “unnatural!”  Using your own name or your domain name for some of the links will balance the high-value keyworded links.
4. Build links to your interior pages as well as your home page.  This will help you further vary the anchor text used.

c. Link pacing

5. As with most long races, a steady pace is best.  Instead of building dozens of links in a few weeks and then turning your marketing attention elsewhere, you should create a roughly even number of links each month and permanently continue your efforts.   Think “slowly and continually.”
In sum, for a natural link profile that maximizes your attorney search engine optimization and website page position, you want: a range of link sources, varied anchor text, and steady growth.

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