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We periodically investigate the prices charged by our attorney-website competitors. These prices are not easy to obtain, for they are not posted on websites. And usually more than one phone call is required, for a proposal needs to be prepared.
Our attorney marketing prices are about a third what the big guy charges, and about half to two-thirds what the others cost.
As a result, quite a few attorneys have shifted their digital marketing accounts to us. These attorneys figure we only need to equal the performance of their existing vendors for the change to be worthwhile. Attorneys who switched to save several hundred dollars a month are the ones we most enjoy surprising with stronger results, better customer service, and higher-quality content.
If you want to (1) save money on your digital marketing and (2) give us a shot at delivering more than you are now receiving, we would like to speak with you.

James Attorney Marketing

Here is what we charge. And you don’t need to call or request a proposal to learn our prices, for they are posted on and listed in our brochures.

  • 100-page disability website with 8 videos, PDF download and ebooklet, case submission form, and free 800 number: $295/month
  • Social Security disability articles for your website: $65 each. Blog posts: $45 each
  • Website redesign and rewrite: $1,000 – $1,500, depending upon the number of pages in your website
  • Optimize your website for better Google page position: $200 – $1,000/month, depending upon the number of search phrases you want to pursue and the competitiveness of your geographic region
  • 4-page monthly client newsletter: $200/month plus any printing and shipping
  • Custom Skype Q&A videos of you: $100 each

The Competition

Here is what we learned in the most recent round of phone calls to 5 well-known and reputable competitors who specialize in providing digital marketing to lawyers:
1. BIG AGENCY: $1,652/month for 20 web pages or $1,004/month for 14 pages. Includes annual refresh of some of the pages. Flash is an extra $100-350/month, and inbound linking is another $200/month. Discounts are available for multi-year contracts (15-20%) or prepaying (5%).
2. MID-SIZE AGENCY X: $1,500 for 15 web pages and $500/month thereafter for search engine optimization and inclusion in one national directory.
3. MID-SIZE AGENCY Y: $11,200 to create a website and $2,800 for each additional year. Video is extra and costs $3,000-6,000. The enhanced video module costs $497/month. Web marketing costs $500-$5,000/month. $200 hourly rate for other work.
4. SMALL AGENCY X: $7,500 to create a website and $50/month thereafter for hosting.
5. SMALL AGENCY Y: $8,000-15,000 to create a website. Hosting is $15-99/month. Optimization is $70-795/month. Videos cost $750-$7,000.
To learn more, reply to this email or call me at (714) 434-5927.

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