It is important in attorney internet marketing to understand that Google grades every website with a 0-10 score it calls PageRank (named after Larry Page, Google’s co-founder).  Most attorney websites have scores of 0-4.  A few make it to 5.  You have to be a NY Times or Amazon to obtain a 9.
Your website’s grade is one of the critical factors in its Google page position.  If your site has a PageRank of 1 and your top web competitor has a PageRank of 3, your competitor’s site will likely appear above yours for many searches.

Learn your grade instantly

To learn what score Google has assigned to your website, go to type in your website’s address.  For example, when I type in I learn that it has a PageRank of 5.
You can of course use this same handy tool to learn the scores of your key competitors.  Simply type in their web addresses one at a time.  Their scores compared to yours tell you how large a gap you need to overcome.

How to improve your grade

Inbound links with appropriate anchor text from relevant websites are what count for PageRank.  A percentage of your inbound links should come from sites with higher PageRanks than yours and contain keyworded anchor text (the words that are highlighted and linked to your site).
It is important in attorney internet marketing to have a balance of high-value and low-value links, but understand that is the properly-anchored, high PageRank links that will improve your site’s Google page position.

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