Answering the following 6 questions will tell you whether the client-generating ability of your website is slipping:

1. Is your traffic diminishing?

A gradually-declining visitor count is the surest sign that your website needs attention. Google Analytics, which is free, will give you most of the statistics you need to evaluate traffic and its sources. Your web developer should have connected your site to Analytics at inception.

2. Are home-page viewers leaving without visiting other pages?

Your content needs to be enticing and helpful enough to draw visitors deeper into your site. A visitor to multiple pages is more likely to fill out a case evaluation form than one who spends a few seconds on your home page. Again, Google Analytics will detail the traffic figures for each of your site’s pages.

3. Is your Google page position poor?

Improper coding and titling, stagnant content, and few inbound links are the typical causes of a poor Google ranking. All three failings are surprisingly common in the many disability law sites that we have reviewed.

4. Does your site have broken links, error messages, or missing images?

If any of your links take visitors to the wrong page, or worse, a “404 not found” message, other parts of your site may also not be functioning properly.

5. Is your site difficult to update?

If you and your staff are unable to easily add or modify website content without involving your web developer, your site may need a content management system. Our favorite, and the one we use on all of the sites we create, is WordPress.

6. Is the copyright year in your footer dated?

This is a quick and not always reliable indicator, but a site with copyright 2010 or 2011 usually has additional neglect-based problems.

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