Many attorneys fail to properly analyze and handle the leads generated by their marketing efforts and expenditures:

1. Costly evaluation mistake.

Too many attorneys evaluate their marketing efforts on the percentage of cases retained. For example, you may retain 50% of the contacts from print ads, and only 30% of the leads produced by several websites. But if the print leads cost $200 each and the website leads cost you $65 each, then your retained cases from the print leads cost $400 ($200/.5) while the website cases cost $183 less ($65/.3 = $217). Cost per retained case is the critical number, not retention rate.

2. Undisciplined lead follow-up.

Big marketers have procedures and standards in place to ensure prompt and persistent outreach to leads. You need to match their efforts by dialing leads within minutes of receipt. If your office does not reach the prospect on the first call, it should try again 4-5 times per day for at least 2 weeks.

3. Lack of persistence.

Connecting with the lead can be the most difficult aspect of disability marketing. It is important when you do reach the prospect that you ascertain whether the prospect has a good case:
Prospect: Hello.
Your office: This is the Law Office of John Smith calling about the case evaluation form you submitted online. Is now a good time to discuss your case?
Prospect: No, it isn’t.
Your office: I understand. But before I hang up, I have a couple quick questions for you….

4. Unpersuasive presentation.

The prospect may be considering options other than retaining you for representation. It is thus important that initial outreach include a few sentences that address at least some of the following questions.

  • Why do I need an attorney?
  • Why should you be my attorney?
  • Why should I retain you now rather than later?

5. Failure to close.

Until you have a signature, you don’t have a client. Don’t let the follow-up telephone calls cease until all the necessary paperwork has been signed.

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