James Attorney Marketing is all about educating–lawyers, clients, and ourselves. To learn from the best and brightest minds in technology, social media, and marketing, I follow a LOT of blogs. No, seriously, my RSS feed might scare you. But because it’s Thursday 13–our first at James Attorney Marketing–I’ve pared down that massive list to the 13 best resources for legal marketing.
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For the DIY lawyer, or the attorney who wants to understand exactly what their marketing professional is doing, these thirteen blogs provide invaluable information. Check them out!

  1. Adrian Dayton: Marketing Strategy and the Law, Social Media Edition
  2. Amy Campbell’s Web Log: Thinking about new media, web marketing and law firm marketing
  3. Larry Bodine’s Law Marketing Blog: Helping law firms get new clients and earn more revenue
  4. Progressive Marketing: Ideas, activities, commentary and advice to move your business forward (Russel Lawson)
  5. Real Lawyers Have Blogs: On the topic of the law, firm marketing, blogs, web 2.0, and baseball (Kevin O’Keefe)
  6. Samantha Collier’s Social Media for Law Firms: What law firms need to know about social media
  7. The Great Jakes Blog: Web-centric marketing for law firms and professional services
  8. The Lawyerist: The lawyering survival guide
  9. The Matte Pad: Marketing know-how for the legal profession
  10. The PR Lawyer (Gina Furia Rubel)
  11. Zen and the Art of Legal Networking: Insights & commentary on relationship building within the international lawyers network (Lindsay Griffiths)

Do you have a fave marketing blog? Share with us!

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