In 13 Mesothelioma Keywords, I showed you how to use Google’s AdWords Traffic Estimator to compare mesothelioma keywords.
At the end of the article, I alluded to two possible shortcomings. Specifically, I worried that I might be neglecting searchers who:

  • don’t use the word “mesothelioma” in their search; or
  • can’t spell “mesothelioma.”

I’ll explore each of these issues in turn.

Searches Without “Mesothelioma”

Internet users have a seemingly limitless ability to phrase things in different ways. In fact, about 15 percent of Google searches are totally unique.
This makes sense if you think about it. If I were looking for a mesothelioma lawyer near me, I could conceivably search for “Orange County mesothelioma lawyer,” “injury lawyer Orange County mesothelioma,” or “attorney Orange County mesothelioma lawsuit,” to name a few. (I could come up with 100 similar searches without breaking a sweat.)
Some people search for mesothelioma lawyers without using the word “mesothelioma” at all. I can’t anticipate every possible search phrase, but maybe I can better serve these people by expanding my keywording focus.
I don’t know much about mesothelioma—just that it’s a type of cancer caused by asbestos and that there’s a related disease called “asbestosis.” But this information alone gives me 15 new keywords to investigate:

KeywordEstimated Avg. CPCLocal Monthly SearchesSearches/CPC
Asbestosis attorneys$103.7000
Asbestosis lawyers$79.422102.64
Asbestosis lawyer$66.554807.21
Asbestosis attorney$66.431702.55
Asbestos cancer attorney$60.8072011.84
Asbestos attorneys$55.838,100145.08
Asbestos cancer attorneys$54.9759010.73
Asbestos lawyers$52.558,100154.14
Asbestos attorney$45.029,900219.90
Asbestos cancer lawyer$40.6788021.64
Asbestos lawyer$35.309,900280.45
Asbestos cancer lawyers$20.6459028.59
Lawyer asbestos$17.789,900556.81
Attorney asbestos$14.499,900638.23
Lawyers asbestos$0.008,100Undefined

Looking at this chart, I notice a few things:

  1. “Asbestosis” keywords are as competitive as “mesothelioma” ones and have about 1/100 the number of searches. Dump them.
  2. “Asbestos cancer” keywords are less competitive than “asbestosis” ones and have more searches. They’re expensive, meaning it might be difficult to rank organically, but local variants will be easier. Keep them.
  3. “Asbestos” keywords are cheap and have a high search volume. In fact, they’re better than some of the 13 mesothelioma keywords I already chose. Better still, they all include some variation of “attorney” or “lawyer,” so I know they’ll draw relevant traffic. Definitely keep.

“Mesothelioma” Misspellings

Your website is your business card for the 21st century. It will be your first contact with many potential clients, and you’ll want to make a good impression.
A site that’s riddled with typos reflects poorly on you, but what about intentional misspellings? You may be able to draw more searches this way, but you do so at the expense of appearing unprofessional.
It’s really a matter of preference. I want my personal site to be flawless, but for a lead-generating site that doesn’t have my name on it, I’m not opposed to using misspellings if they’ll get traffic.
There are six misspellings with any measurable search volume:

KeywordEstimated Avg. CPCLocal Monthly SearchesSearches/CPC

Because the last four have so few searches overall, they’re unlikely to attract someone looking for a lawyer in my area.
The first two have 710 searches between them—a respectable number. They’re expensive, though, so it might be hard to rank.
I’ll write a page focusing on “Orange County mesotheloma” and one focusing on “Orange County mesotheleoma” . If they get some traffic, great. If not, no big deal.

New Mesothelioma Keywords

From favorite to least favorite, here are 13 new mesothelioma keywords to add to your list. Replace “Orange County” with the name of your city.

  1. Orange County lawyers asbestos
  2. Orange County attorney asbestos
  3. Orange County lawyer asbestos
  4. Orange County asbestos lawyer
  5. Orange County asbestos attorney
  6. Orange County asbestos lawyers
  7. Orange County asbestos attorneys
  8. Orange County asbestos cancer lawyers
  9. Orange County asbestos cancer lawyer
  10. Orange County asbestos cancer attorney
  11. Orange County asbestos cancer attorneys
  12. Orange County mesotheloma lawyer
  13. Orange County mesotheleoma lawyer


If you search for “mesotheloma ” or “mesotheleoma” on Google or Bing, it will actually show you the results for “mesothelioma.” This is another reason I’m not too enthusiastic about misspelling keywords. Back to text.
The national firm whose site comes up first in a search for “mesothelioma” has 67 pages devoted to different misspellings, so some successful Internet marketers are less cavalier about this than I am. Back to text.
I used “Orange County” this time instead of “Irvine” because I’m already ranking for my “Irvine” keywords. It’s better to start small and expand your geographic focus than to overreach at first and not rank for anything. Back to text.

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