When you teach in your marketing, you are looked upon as a trusted and valuable expert instead of a huckster. If you answer legal questions on your website, in your emails or newsletter, and on your videos, you are seen as someone caring and helpful rather than someone focused on his or her income.
If you educate thoughtfully in your marketing, you can (1) draw a legal consumer who does some self-screening before calling, (2) reduce the number of times you have to answer the same basic questions, (3) obtain clients with a higher level of formal schooling and income.
This is not hard to do.

For Articles

  1. Write down the 10 questions you are most frequently asked by new clients.
  2. Add the 10 questions you aren’t but should be asked.
  3. Write a 300-400 word article answering each question, tackling one or two each week.
  4. Place your target keywords in the headline and first and last paragraphs of each article.

For Videos

  1. Answer one question on each video.
  2. Use “video” and your targeted keywords in each video’s title.
  3. Post one video per page.

Once you are used to creating text and video content, you will find that it is not difficult. If you keep a file of ideas, then, when you have time to create, you will not waste time trying to think of good topics.
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