Every attorney, regardless of area of practice, should be interested in creating a compelling experience for visitors to his or her website. When your visitors are engaged with your content, they are more likely to consider you an authoritative source and contact you. James Attorney Marketing has worked to discover what appeals to clients, what they want to see from a lawyer’s website, and how to keep their interest online.
While there are many ways to increase visitor interaction, attorneys should ask themselves this simple question:

“Am I using online video?”

If you aren’t already, you should be. Nielsen, a leading tracker of consumer habits online, reports that the average American web user watches over three hours of online video per month and that over 10 billion Internet videos have now been streamed to viewers in the United States alone. That’s a massive market, and one you will not want to alienate with a lack of video content.

Videos on your site can do the following:

  1. Show your personality and expertise to potential clients before they ever pick up the phone or start typing an email.
  2. Educate visitors about the law in an easy-to-understand format. Visual learners will appreciate explanatory videos more than plain text.
  3. Offer a different form of communication. Engaging your visitors in multiple ways on a website will give them more reasons to contact you.
  4. Get your message onto search engines and heavily-trafficked sites like YouTube. The more content you create and the greater number of places you publish it, the more likely you are to be found by someone who may need your help.

Internet video continues to account for a growing share of all online activity and you will not want to miss your chance to connect with potential clients in this important realm of web marketing. Videos can be entertaining, informative, and eye-catching simultaneously… something that pure legal text rarely is.
Here are two examples of how video can be used to enhance an attorney website: The Milwaukee Disability Attorney and First Coast Accident Lawyers

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