As you’ve all heard, the long-awaited Google+ business pages are now alive and well. Though many social media early adopters are already “so over” G+, the release of the business pages has, in many ways, reinvigorated my interest in the social media platform.

Five Reasons to Get on the G+ Bandwagon

1. Circles: Sending precisely segmented updates to your followers.

2. Page-based social interaction: On Facebook, you can only “tag” people if you, personally, are friends with them. On Google+, once someone has “circled” your business, you can directly mention them in a status update (and “circle” them back!). This provides greater flexibility in terms of sending messages to individual page followers–and having them noticed.

3. Google’s [+1] button: Because Google has their fingers in everything from search to videos to blogging, the [+1] button has more reach than Facebook’s [like] button. In addition, the [+1] is augmenting search and turning it social. So, you know someone recommended a particular site to you, but you can’t remember…oh, yes you can, because Google shows you in the search results which of your connections [+1]’d it!

4. Google Direct Connect: Insert a brilliant snippet of code into your website, and when someone searches for [+your business] they’ll be taken directly to your G+ page.

5. The future of search: The two search engines with the most traffic are Google and YouTube. You want search result power? Then it’s time to side with the search powerhouses.

Want to see a page in action? Visit James Publishing on G+

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