Google has made it easy to find authoritative content on most any question – especially legal questions.
That ready availability of answers makes it easier for legal consumers to find attorneys with relevant expertise.
For attorneys, that ready availability has reduced the marketing value of prior relationships and geographic proximity while it has increased the value of specialization, writing, videos, and search engine optimization.
Experienced web searchers want to see expertise demonstrated BEFORE they contact you. And they want it immediately. They aren’t going to wait for your next presentation or client alert. Your proof of expertise needs to be within a click or two.
To stay ahead of this new marketing curve, you need to devote time or retain someone to generate, optimize, and post proof of your expertise – whether in article or video format.
Despite there currently being more lawyers than work, the attorneys who have mastered the new digital marketing methods are thriving. They are no longer weighed down by the old restrictions of relationships and geographic proximity.

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