It’s pretty common for new businesses jumping into the world of online marketing and Web 2.0 to hear the advice “Start a blog.” In this new age of search engine optimization and social media, blogs are crucial tools that can be used to drive traffic to your site, communicate with your customers, and improve your search rankings. But that advice too often forgets to answer the obvious follow-up question, “What am I supposed to put on my blog?” Starting a blog is easy; maintaining it is less so.
It might be tempting to just create a static website with a few pages containing all the information you think you should have, and trust that those pages alone should be enough to generate readers. But what you think is important to users and what search engines think are important to users are not always the same. For example, sites that are updated more frequently tend to stay higher in the rankings than sites that remain static for months or years on end, and content specifically tailored to your customers and toward terms that users are likely to search for can improve your search rankings and draw more traffic.
Having a custom blog can go a long way toward convincing both search engines and readers that your site is informative and that your services are valuable, and that’s where our team of custom content writers and bloggers comes in. We write custom blog posts tailored to your field and specialty and designed to improve your search rankings, giving your readers useful information and reasons to keep coming back to your site. It may seem like the same thing could be accomplished with a single web page, but we’re confident the results speak for themselves.

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