When a prospective client reaches your attorney website, one of your primary goals should be to build trust with that person. Ideally, your site should give any visitors the impression that you are a knowledgeable, personable attorney they can put their faith and trust in. But how does one go about accomplishing this?
One of the easiest ways to build trust with your potential clients is to feature attorney videos on your website. When visitors first arrive at your site, they are most likely looking for answers to some pressing questions: “Can I get disability benefits for fibromyalgia?” “How do I know who is liable in a slip-and-fall incident?” “Will my drunk driving charge affect my job?” You can help answer these questions with short, informative videos that focus not upon you and your qualifications, but upon educating the client and demonstrating your expertise.
By giving straightforward answers to common questions in your legal specialty, you can show off your natural speaking style and begin establishing a connection with a prospective client. He or she will be relieved to note your attention to detail and expert opinions on his or her questions. Additionally, potential clients in tough legal situations may be nervous about getting in touch with an attorney, but via your videos you can ease their fears with your confident attitude and personable approach.
Another benefit of video is that many people are visual learners; they may not wish to read dozens of pages before deciding whether or not to contact a lawyer. By offering a lawyer video section on your site, you can encourage the visual learner to interact with the site in a way that would not be possible on a traditional, text-only website.
Focus your videos on what clients want to know: answers to their legal questions. Spending time discussing your education and qualifications will not build trust with a new site visitor. If possible, describe past cases that you have had success with, as potential clients in similar legal situations will not only learn from such examples, but will feel more comfortable contacting you.
If you need help creating your attorney videos, James Attorney Marketing offers an affordable solution: question-and-answer interviews. Using Skype—an online webcam program—our interviewer will connect online with you at your home or office and ask you a series of predetermined questions about basic legal topics. You will be able to see our interviewer right on your computer screen, and vice versa. We will even provide you with all the necessary equipment and help you set it up.
A 90-minute interview can result in as many as 18 videos that we can edit and post to your website. Each video clip will answer a specific question that a potential client might ask, and each clip costs just $100.
This program allows you to build the trust necessary for a great attorney-client relationship from the time a potential client first visits your website. If you’d like more information about our Skype attorney video program,contact us here. Or, learn more about our skype lawyer video program.

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